Cinco wanted to showcase our holistic design approach with a relevant and inspiring, but feasible product/technology concept that epitomized our brand, product and digital thinking.

I led a passion project to solve problems in the homes of modern families who have to keep track of hectic schedules, morning and bedtime routines, and general chaos.

We set out to design a product that integrates light and sound to help simplify and manage daily home routines, while complementing the home.

The result was Ora, a multi-functional smart light and speaker that can be remotely controlled from your smart phone.

Ora can act as a nightlight, an ambient light, an alarm clock, a timer, or a sound machine. Custom light animation and sounds create specific moods that refine our daily routines. The simple, rounded form of the light and cone base can fit in a child’s bedroom just as easily as in an adult’s, and a clever silicone lanyard goes through the inner shaft of the light, making it easy to carry and hang.